I was born in Japan in 1985.

Graduating from a college for making violin, then I worked as a repairer in Tokyo.

At present, there is my workshop to make new stringed instruments in Yamanashi and I'm a member of the "Japan String Instrument Makers Association". 

I have been awarded at the 13th International "Triennale" Competition of Violin Making Antonio Stradivari in Cremona (Prize "Simone Fernando Sacconi")


「Make a natural violin.」

is the words said by my master Kiyoshi Yamada who is “Geigenbaumeister” , and those words have been the origin of my work.

Following both old and modern excellent models, I seek for traditional and naturally beautiful style.

I now mainly make violas.

They are lovely instruments that sound gentle and worm tone.

The wood materials we use to make instruments are from trees that lived in a quiet forest for long before I was born.

However, through Lumbering and processing until the completion of an instrument, most part of the tree ends up being thrown away.

Consequently making an instrument is based on the sacrifice of precious trees.


Giving my heart to those trees who have exsisted for tens and hundreds of years, I strive for careful and respectful work as a craftman.

I hope my instrument will be lifelong ones for the players.


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